Enrique's Defense Fund

Fair Trials for Civil Rights

      In September of 2021, Enrique Tarrio, in full cooperation with the law, turned himself in to the DC DOC to serve a 155 day sentence for property damage charges related to the burning of a Black Lives Matter banner. In that time, he missed Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s with us. After his release, our family only had him back for 60 days before they broke our family apart again and forced us to watch as they marched him back into chains like a dog.  

      On March 8th, 2022, in the small hours of the morning, federal forces ambushed a beloved member of our family to drag him away from us in shackles and humiliate our family for the public. The dehumanization of our son, nephew, and brother has taken a toll on our family, and we are struggling to stay afloat on all fronts.

      Enrique was not present anywhere in the city of DC for any of the events of January 6th. Because of the flag burning, he was arrested two days prior on January 4th and banned from the city entirely. 

      You may have heard our family name on the news, but what you see on TV is hardly the full picture of who Enrique actually is.      


      By his early twenties, he was running a paintball league for troubled inner-city youths in the city of Miami and focused on growing his business. He would later go on to branch out into other security work, protecting some high-profile names, from Gilbert Gottfried all the way to musicians like Curtis James Jackson (50 Cent). Protecting people has long been at the heart of his motivations. During Hurricane Harvey, Enrique jetted down to Houston to be dispatched on rescue missions and deliver locals to safety. 

      Again, our family has been targeted, harassed, and ambushed on all sides; our financial independence has been stripped from us. We MUST fight for a FAIR TRIAL for our family, but we cannot do it alone. 

      Our family comes from a long line of immigrants. We are a proud family of color, and we celebrate our Cuban roots. For the crime of requesting that our family be allowed to finish the harvest before turning over the family farm to Castro's military, the men of our family were put on their knees and shot execution style and our property seized prematurely. Our family then fled to the safety and shelter of the United States. Enrique comes from a long line of Cuban immigrants, and is the first born of a 1st generation of American Citizens in our family line. 

      Enrique Tarrio was born in Miami, inside the home where he still lives as caretaker of his grandfather, a job he has now been ripped from. He grew up a normal kid, riding his bikes with the other neighborhood kids, some of them whom he is still close friends with to this day.  Never much interested in sports, Enrique always took an interest in IT. By 16 he was starting his own business in security cameras and technology, his personal extracurricular activity. He maintained good grades as a student, thought he was never interested in graduating as valedictorian. 

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This is not a political fight; we are simply fighting for our BASIC human rights and the reunification of our family. 

      Your donation will go directly into the attorney's escrow account. 

      Your generosity will give us a fighting change to bring our son, nephew, our brother, home to us. 


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