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Enrique's Defense Fund

Fair Trials for Civil Rights

      On March 8th, 2022, the government took my son, Enrique Tarrio, away from me in the middle of the night, arrested him, and marched him away in front of the media to be moved from prison to prison across the country all for a crime he was not present for.

      My Son was not present anywhere in the city of DC for any of the events of January 6th. 

      You may have heard our family name on the news, but what you see on TV is hardly a real picture of who he really is.      


     Over the years, the media has engaged in an illegitimate hateful and hostile character assault on my son and our family to discredit Enrique in the public, disrespect our cultural heritage, and now they capitalize on the fact that Enrique is unable to defend himself. They have done everything they can to ensure that our personal and financial freedom are robbed from us.

     My son is facing up to 30 years or more for the charges leveled against him. The rest of his life will be spent in the prison system without your help. Please help us save his life.


     My son was born into our family of Cuban immigrants, and is a 1st generation Cuban-American. Enrique’s family was murdered by the Castro regime after requesting an extension during harvest season instead of giving our farm over to the Cuban government. Our family has always been very close and is at the entire heart and soul of all the accomplishments in his life.

      Enrique was born in Miami, inside the home where he still lives as caretaker of his grandfather, a job he has now been ripped from. My son has spent many years in service to his community. In his 20’s he ran a paintball league for inner city kids, and he has volunteered for search and rescue during natural disasters across the US. We are very proud of him, and we miss him very much. This time apart has ripped our family to the core. 

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Every American deserves a fair trial and a chance to be seen first as a human being. My son is no different. 

Your donation will go directly into the attorney's defense funds for my son. 


You can't out give God

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